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For Your Students

Home Learning with Yumu

Yumu is a password-protected online learning space for students. You can use Yumu to manage and securely share personalised projects, lessons and resources that your students can access on Charanga’s platform, at school or from home. Set assignments using your own favourite musical resources, exercises and pieces or Charanga’s, or quickly access students’ work and monitor their progress. Find out more in Charanga’s Platform section.

The Online Individual Learning Plan

The Charanga platform houses a dynamic new tool developed with Awards for Young Musicians – the Online Individual Learning Plan (Online ILP). At its heart is the teacher–student relationship and how using the resource can encourage a more personalised approach to their progression. The Online ILP guides and prompts an individual to help them take the lead on their own musical journey by supporting their musical exploration, encouraging them to think about their musical interests and sparking conversations with you. Set and review termly goals together, and tailor your lessons to their needs.